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Go and conquer the Colorado of Auvergne!

A surprising visit in Auvergne that will fill your eyes!

Live a unique experience in Auvergne with the visit of this spectacular place. We propose you today to discover the Colorado Auvergnat, an extraordinary place in the heart of the Puy-de-Dôme !

Our Hotel Lune Étoile ** offers you modern rooms for your stays in Auvergne, book now your vacations directly and at the best price! 

Discovery of the Colorado Auvergnat

It is by taking a path, better known under the name of Valley of the Saints, rich of 400 millions years of history and of 27 hectares labeled Sensitive Natural Spaces, that you will arrive at the level of these incredible landscapes. On the program, a hike between vineyards and ochre earth!


A hike around Clermont-Ferrand

Starting from the village of Boudes, a path surrounded by vineyards, you will discover limestone hillsides, very large forests but also spectacular geological formations sculpted by erosion.

Your walk will also take you to contemplate fairy chimneys, ochre-colored canyons, but also salt water springs. The Valley of the Saints also has 37 different species of birds and 17 species of orchids.

A 2 hours hike to do near Clermont-Ferrand!


The fairy chimneys, these amazing structures

During your walk, you will discover strange columns that populate the Valley of the Saints. These rock columns are called fairy chimneys and are actually ochre-colored sculptures that are born from the erosion of wind and water and slowly dig into the ground.

Access to these fairy chimneys is nevertheless limited for preservation purposes because they are ephemeral figures of great age.


The cliff of the mottes and its colors

Continue your hike and admire the cliff of the mottes, a wall which offers a superb palette of colors and allows an easy understanding of the formation of the place. The oldest layers that can be seen near the ground date back 400 millions years.

Towards the middle of the structure, more material in red tones can be seen, which corresponds to the period of the formation of the Alps, which led to a fracture, creating lakes, whose sediments accumulated in the soil and caused this visible color.

Finally, the materials of the upper part of the cliff seem different. This difference is explained by the fact that it is actually a lava flow that occurred 8 millions years ago, which then solidified.


The surprising Roman spring of Bard

On the edge of the forest, you can also see a small basin dug into the ground. It is in fact a salt water spring known since Roman times.


Our team's advice:

- Equip yourself with good walking shoes, the duration of the hike is 2 hours
- Take enough water in your backpack
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