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Visit of the Volcano of Lemptégy | Puy-de-Dôme

Explore the heart of a real volcano in the Chaîne des Puys!

A look back at the history of a volcano in the Chaîne des Puys

Born over 30,000 years ago, the Lemptégy volcano is an open-air museum. It was chosen by scientists to extract its ashes in order to analyse them in detail. Moreover, it has become an important place to learn everything about volcanoes.

Today, a 10-hectare cavity stands out and is open to visitors. Visitors can discover the volcano's chimneys and geological gems, as well as incredible views of the neighbouring volcanoes. A guide accompanies the travellers into the belly of the volcano for a fun interview in communion with nature.

Visit Lemptégy in 4 key stages

Located in the heart of the UNESCO perimeter, the Volcan de Lemptégy invites you to explore the bowels of a real volcano.
  • 1st stage
A tour to immerse yourself in the history of Lemptégy and get to know it better before you set foot in it.
  • 2nd stage
The guide takes charge. He takes you directly to the heart of the volcano by train or on foot, as you wish. With his explanations, you will be able to combine theory and practice.
  • 3rd step
Go back in time and discover the machines of yesteryear that helped extract pozzolan from the Lemptégy volcano.
  • 4th stage
Tourists are free to choose for this last stage of the tour. Choose between :
  • A film projection that perfectly summarizes the history of the volcano.
  • Experience a virtual journey in 4D among the 80 volcanoes of the Puys chain.

Discover the volcano by night

Choose the night tour of the volcano for more excitement. Just like the daytime visit, you can discover the memories of Lemptégy. However, this time, light and sound effects will accompany you.

A 9-stage tour awaits you, taking you back through 30,000 years of anecdotes. Like a literary or film hero, walk alongside a spirit of the night who discovers this phenomenon of character. A story that is truer than life!

All the practical information

Opening of the Lemptégy volcano

Visit the site from February to November. Depending on the period, opening times may vary. Some activities are also accessible depending on the weather conditions.

Allow a minimum of 2.5 hours for the entire visit.

If you wish to take the train tour, remember to book in advance to ensure your seats are available on the day. Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the Lemptégy volcano or directly at the reception desk.

Prices in low season/high season

Adults :
  • Walking tour: 12 €/12,50
  • Visit by train: 16 €/17

  • Walking tour: 9.50 €/10 €.
  • Train tour: €13/14

There is a restaurant and shop on site where you can eat and take home a souvenir of the site.
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