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The must-sees in Vichy

Discover in this guide what to do and what to see in Vichy during a stay or a weekend!

Embark on a journey to Vichy, a unique city with Venetian, Moorish and Tunisian inspirations. In Vichy, you can stroll through its buildings, contemplate its architecture or simply stroll through its alleys that invite you to escape for a moment...

Our team proposes you today to discover the must-see places not to be missed during your excursion in the city of Vichy.

The sublime Opera of Vichy

To begin your visit of the city of Vichy, we advise you to discover the Opera. A true jewel of Vichy's architectural heritage, this Opera House includes a ballroom, a theater as well as playrooms and pleasure rooms.

It has a sublime Italian-style hall with 1486 seats and has seen great artists perform for a rich cultural program. In the summer, classical music and opera are performed there. In winter, on the other hand, the Opera offers us magnificent dance and comedy shows.

Its particularity resides in the fact that the Opera represents the only hall in France of "Art Nouveau" style with colors of gold, ivory and flowers.
Inside, for those who would push the doors of this Opera, you will be subjugated and amazed by this colorful, bright and breathtaking show.

The incredible architecture of the Hall of Sources

Continue your discovery of the city of Vichy with the Hall des Sources, built in 1903. Here you will find the refreshment stands of the different springs of the drinking cure: Célestins, Lucas, Hospital, Chomel and Grande Grille.

Built with metal, tiles and glass, its incredible architecture has remained intact over the years, giving it a constant beauty. All of this gives it an extraordinary charm, in short, a visit not to be missed!

The magnificent Napoleon III cottages

The Napoleon III cottages, with their Swiss or English colonial style, were built in 1863 and 1864 respectively, at the request of Napoleon III. A series of houses, also in English style, can be found in the vicinity of the chalets and can be contemplated during your walk.

The Celestins Spring

Known for its water, Vichy has in its heart a natural place where water emerges. Today, there is a single section of wall that remains of the 15th century religious convent.

The parks of Napoleon III and its green spaces

While walking in the city of Vichy, you will be surprised to note the important part of greenery which is present there. Indeed, the parks, squares, gardens and green spaces represent nearly 17% of the total surface of the city. Your visit will be largely made up of the contemplation of its sublime greenery which composes it, but also of the banks of the Allier.

The Napoleon III park alone represents 7.8 hectares and counts 138 different species, such as redwoods coming straight from California.
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